TNB Regular Mystery Box

Size: 50-56 cm

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The TNB Regular Mystery Box will contain a minimum of 4 products, being two of them from a scandi brand (such as Alba, Duns, Maxomorra, Smafolk or Villervalla). The minimum RRP of the bundle is £70.

The Regular Mystery bundle is unisex. If the bundle is for a girl, you can specify it in the order notes and we can add dresses and skirts to the bundle. You can tell us your preferences and we will try to adapt (for example "I would like Long Sleeve Tops" or "my boy likes horses"), we are not able to accept the request of a particular brand. The bundle won't contain underwear.

For brands they use the double size system, the size chosen will contain items from that size range. For example size 74 will contain single size items in size 74 and double size items in size 74/80 and size 80 will contain single size items in size 80 and double size items in size 74/80. 

The return of the bundles can only be made in full as they have a very adjusted price.   



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