Welcome to The Nordic Bear, a small family business that we have built with much love and enthusiasm.

My name is Alba and I’m running The Nordic Bear with the help of my husband. All the clothes you will find here are GOTs certified, which ensures an exceptional quality without any chemicals that can damage the delicate skin of your little ones.

We take care of every detail, so we use craft paper in our shipments, which we encourage you to reuse and recycle. Every gesture counts to take care of our planet!

We hope that you like the products you will find in our store as much as we do.

Interesting Facts about The Nordic Bear 🐻 you may want to know

💪 Fair wages and working conditions

We only work with brands that can assure us that their production is ethical. No children involved in the production chain, workers with good working conditions and fair salary

🌍 We care for the environment

All the clothes we sell are organic, but that is not all.

We use brown paper mailing bags and we encourage you to reuse and recycle. We hand write your address as that means less stickers (plastic) involved. Have you seen our logo in our mailing bags? It’s a stamp from Get Stamped, a London based eco-conscious business, and it’s awesome!

Did you now our thank you cards are made of recycled paper? Also, all the paper we use for invoices and paperwork is recycled. Yay! Every little help!!


Let the bear-venture begin!

Bear hugs! 



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