Covid Information

Hello 🐻 friends,

We are open and operational as usual since last Monday 😊

On the difficult and uncertain time we are all living now with the Coronavirus, I wanted to reassure you and explain all the measures we are taking to ensure there is not a potential risk to our customers.

As many of you know now, given my background (I’m a nurse and a midwife) I’m washing my hands as per NHS guidelines before preparing any order.

We are sending all the clothes in the original packaging, although visually is not as good as without the bag, we feel it is better to leave it to protect the clothes as a preventive measure, so no direct contact with the garments.

Our mailings bags are eco brown paper, better for the environment than plastic ones and also, the experts have discovered that the virus lives less time in this type of surfaces (up to 24 hours) than it does in plastic or shiny surfaces (up to 72 hours)

Also, Royal Mail has new protocols in place to protect workers and customers and because of this, their service may take a little bit longer. Our local Post Office has reduced the collection to once a day. Our local Post Office is only 3 minutes walking from us and on my way to the supermarket so no extra trips for us.

In terms to offer the best service possible from us, we have upgraded the shipments to First Class delivery for free while the outbreak lasts.

We recommend that once received the post, to leave it for 24 hours before opening it. I know! It’s going to be hard but here at The Nordic Bear safety comes first.

Stay safe!

Bear hugs,
Alba Ramos

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